Fleur de Lis Regatta
Saturday, February 24, 2018  

Fellow First Mates:

September 10, 2010
As I stated I earlier, regardless of what the weather brings, the RACE must go on, the RACE to find a cure for blood related cancers and to bring quality of life to the patient and to their families.

As of right now we plan on focusing on the 40% chance it will not rain on us tonight.

The presentation of the Captains and First Mates is still on for 7:00 pm tonight at the Great Harbor Lawn along with the pizza party.

We do have tents on site that can accommodate up to about 130 people so we feel confident we can provide some shelter if it is a light rain.

However, if there is severe weather (lighting and thunder) we will not conduct the presentation tonight.

Our back up plan would be to move it to this Sunday at 5:00 pm. Same place at the Great harbor Lawn.

You will be receiving another update later today as we get closer to the event. We also plan on calling each of you later today with an update. I have most all of the First Mates cell numbers or home numbers so I am confident we can provide you with effective communication.

Please make a note; if you can not make it because you do have concerns about the weather, we completely understand that. At the end of the day we will sit down and figure out how we can get back with each of our First Mates and provide you with the race results as well as with your burgess (flag of honor).

Please feel free to call either me at 502-905-7073 or Steve Lennon at 502-939-2080 if you have questions.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.