Fleur de Lis Regatta
Saturday, February 24, 2018  

Kudos and Thank You!

August 8, 2014

Tonight's Open Sail was amazing! A whopping 21 of 28 total first mates attended and brought family members and friends, making 56 land-lubbers to whom you gave a cherished life experience.

Read on... and view some photos!

The comfortable temperature, the wind, the lack of humidity, the bon fire, the strolling musician, the food, the drinks, the excitement of the first mates and the generosity of the sailors made the evening perfect. It was well after dark before the last group left.

So many people to thank -- 
- Anne Hutchison for her amazing Excel skills and unflappable style. Never did she lose control, no matter how many times I informed her of RSVP changes. Her organization made tonight's event smooth sailing (sorry, couldn't help myself).

- Paul Resch for shopping, hauling and cooking the best damned burnt hot dogs on the planet and for bringing his lovely assistant, Corinne.

- Tim Hutchinson for ordering and placing the signage that guided the first mates to the Marina and for bringing his son, Noah, who, along with Tim, acted as real life navigational units pointing them in the right direction.

- Phil, Susan and Steve for recruiting last-minute sailboats and saved the day for 16 first mates who would otherwise have been left on land.

- Joe for going back downtown after already arriving at the marina and chauffeuring a first mate and her two children to and fro.

- Everyone who was able to make it to the Open Sail and enjoy the camaraderie of the first mates and sailors. It was a sight to see. 

For the first mates and their families and the staff at Gilda's, I want to say THANK YOU!